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Have a wonderful summer!


The new school year starts on Tuesday, August 11th at 7:45 a.m.

Camp out

Camp out

Students in Mrs. Lozo's after school class ,cozied up with their good-fit book under a tent. :)

Purple Pinky Day

On Thursday, February 26th and Friday February 27th, the Spanos Interact Club raised money to help end polio which is a crippling and possibly fatal disease. Rotary and our Interact Club raised money, 25 cents at a time, to help. Students who donated received a raffle ticket for the chance to win a huge, stuffed dog.

Polio is incurable but it is easy to prevent. A child can be vaccinated at a cost of just 60 cents which will protect the child for life.

Polio has been eliminated in all but three countries.  Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Why is it called Purple Pinkie? When a child is vaccinated, they have a purple stamp put on their little finger so they know the child has been vaccinated.

Our Spanos Chargers raised $310.42!!! Enough money to vaccinate 516 kids! Thank you everyone for your support.

40 Book Challenge

40 Book Challenge

Dashaila has read so many books this school year! She has far surpassed the 40 book challenge.  She has read over  100 books this school year... and it's only January ! Congratulations to Dashaila .

Little Free Library

"Take a book. Return a book." That is the motto of the Little Free Library Organization. Members of our Interact Club created a Little Free Library in the nearby laundry mat, hoping to encourage and support our community in reading more books. It wasn't long after the books were organized that two children visiting the laundry mat with their mother, quickly found a book to enjoy! We look forward to more children and adults enjoying a good book.

Today: 8/5/15

School Hours


School Hours  7:45 a.m.  to 1:40 p.m.

Office Hours    7:15a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Please continue to collect and turn in your box tops to your child's teacher.

box tops.jpg

All money earned will go towards purchasing playground equipment.

Spanos Dedication Ceremony: September 2009

Dedication Dedication Ceremony 1.2 012.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 021.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 028.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 030.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 037.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 034.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 041.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 043.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 044.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 048.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 051.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 052.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 055.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 057.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 059.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 065.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 068.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 070.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 072.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 075.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 091.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 092.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 096.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 099.jpg Dedication Ceremony 1.2 105.jpg Dedication Ceremony 060.jpg Dedication Ceremony 059.jpg

Spanos Adopts-A-Park

IMG_3724.JPG IMG_3725.JPG IMG_3723.JPG IMG_3727.JPG IMG_3730.JPG IMG_3726.JPG IMG_3732.JPG IMG_3733.JPG IMG_3735.JPG IMG_3736.JPG IMG_3737.JPG IMG_3738.JPG IMG_3739.JPG IMG_3740.JPG IMG_3741.JPG IMG_3742.JPG IMG_3743.JPG IMG_3744.JPG IMG_3746.JPG IMG_3747.JPG IMG_3748.JPG IMG_3749.JPG IMG_3750.JPG IMG_3751.JPG IMG_3752.JPG IMG_3756.JPG IMG_3757.JPG IMG_3758.JPG IMG_3759.JPG IMG_3760.JPG IMG_3761.JPG IMG_3762.JPG

Spanos Elementary through a partnership with the City of Stockton, has adopted Gleason Park.